stand up. brush yourself off, and move on.

i knew this would happen.

like i knew i wouldn’t be strong enough or smart enough to get straight A’s in McGill. especially with its harsh grading. i knew it.

but it still didn’t make up for the fact that i was so disheartened when i got my Philosophy paper and Linguistics assignment back and got a B for both of them.

but here i cannot mope around and wait for my mom to comfort me (which i never do anyways~ but at least she’s still there to comfort me) i cannot wait for someone to buy me a huge tub of ice cream or a bar of chocolate or even a hug. and i cannot exactly mope around my friends because they’re also faced with the same thing.

it’s not that bad or anything… if usually i write to express what i think or what i feel about a specific matter, this post will be my own friendly reminder that i cannot stay discouraged after experiencing something troubling. because if i stop, my time is still running out and the classes and lectures will still be going on even though i’m not necessarily over what troubles me. McGill is not a place where someone will hold your hand and guide you to wherever you need to go. you will either find your way out, or get lost in the middle of everything.

i knew that. i knew that.


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