broadway cheesecake

because of everything that has been going on lately, i forgot to tell you a story of a Tuesday afternoon when i had cheesecake with someone who’s probably one of my closest friends here in Montreal (:

so after French, feeling tired and relieved after a test, we were wondering where to go… because we were both hungry, but at the same time, we had to continue our endless studying. we stumbled upon a place called Broadway Cheesecake and i was so so happy when i got there. it was the first time that i went, and she had gone several times as she couldn’t study in the library (weird girl >,<) and in turn studied a lot in that cheesecake cafe. we went in and was immediately assaulted with the smell of really really good baked goods and coffee. i was a little confused as the cafe smelled a little like a bookstore (and by that i mean it smells like books) and when i turned my head, they had this huge pile of books stacked away in the corner. what’s even cooler is that the books are there for an exchange. say, if you don’t want to buy more books (or do not have the money to buy books because you’re extremely broke like i am right now -_- ), you can trade a book for a book, and that way, you wouldn’t need to buy a book, and still be able to read a new one every time. a brilliant idea! they also have board games on the second floor which i think is super awesome.

anyways~ i ordered a blueberry marzipan cheesecake while Keidan bought a Toblerone cheesecake. and omg were they good. we were stuck in a dilemma earlier since we didn’t know which to choose (we almost chose the cookie dough and Kitkat cheesecake) but then settled for something fruity and another one that is chocolate-y and caramel-y. they were finished within seconds and i naturally felt a little sad about that 😀

definitely going back there. the place itself is nice to just chill with a good book, and a good friend and drink coffee while having a hearty slice of cheesecake. especially when it rains, because you all know i love the rain, but prefer to be indoors when it does rain 😉



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