the dumpling post (:

good morning!!~ (: rise and shiinnee~

for whatever reason, i remember that i went to this dumpling place two weeks ago and realized that i haven’t wrote about it yet, which was stupid because that dumpling place was phenomenal. the restaurant’s called Qing Hua and their dumplings are amazing. it isn’t anything close to being a fine-dining restaurant, but the place is pretty decent. when i went there two weeks ago, it was so cold outside and it was drizzling which didn’t help with the temperature but it’s very comfortable and warm and cozy inside, not to mention that the whole place smelled like dumplings, so A+ for that.

basically it was a Saturday lunch date with Joelle. she ordered the cabbage and mushroom dumplings and i chose the pork and shrimp dumpling which was said to be good (it is good fyi), we were served tea and we just talked there while concocting our own sauce of vinegar, soy sauce and spicy oil.

the food was great. great. it was … great. i’ve always loved dumplings, but these ones… i adore them. we had 15 dumplings each and i finished all of mine. granted i got a stomach ache in the afternoon, but it was all worth it. it was magic inside steamed pouches, those dumplings are… Joelle told me that apparently, you should bite a little section of the dumpling, suck in the flavoured broth inside the dumplings and then eat them whole with the sauce because the broth was the essence of the dumpling.

we talked about our families and how we miss them… she’s going back to Luxembourg for Christmas and i won’t, but i would be fine. i think i might go to the Notre Dame church for the Sunday Christmas mass, but i digress.

anyways~ there you have it! the dumpling post (: i really have to study right now, considering how i wasted almost an hour procrastinating already. >.<



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