little compliments

(: i’m back!! yeay!

and no, no more rant-ridden post, i’m actually going to just randomly write before actually studying Latin for my Friday quiz~ i find that i’m more content in studying when i have sorted out my thoughts for the day–and i miss you blog! i miss miss miss you so much muach. anyways~

nothing much happened today… it was one very very normal weekday for me. i go to classes, i take notes, i get confused in classes… we talked about dualism in my Japanese culture / history class so that was something, but the highlight of the day was probably right after Linguistics class when i head over to the library to get some things done before heading even higher up the hill to the Duff medical building where i’ll be having my lectures in. so i was sitting there, bought some yogurt and a banana and then suddenly someone tapped me on the shoulder and said: “i know it may sound weird, but you are so so pretty.”

and i was stunned. there i was holding my banana and yogurt, positively looking unattractive and this girl suddenly told me i was pretty.

after the initial shock, i realized she is just the sweetest girl ever. we weren’t even talking to each other, and i didn’t know her, but she made my day, and i’m so grateful. pretty is a word only my mom would say, and she is obliged to say it because i’m her daughter. pretty doesn’t go around me very often, so when somebody actually say that, it really is very special to me.

so dear stranger in the library, thank you so much for making my day a whole lot better. i feel so good i feel like i could study Latin right now.

that being said, ciao boys and girls… ~ missing you all so much already.


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