puffs of smoke, fire alarms, and free Starbucks (and brownies) :)

it’s even colder today than it was yesterday.

putting me in this harsh of a weather is like telling an orangutan to burrow in the snow. you don’t do that, right? if you have even a semblance of a conscience, no, you don’t do that. it is the 12th of October and it was 1 degrees centigrade when i woke up. i can’t even :/ just so you know, i’m developing nine lives right now. i’ll tell you if the method works.

anyhow~ despite the rather crude diction and sarcastic argument in the introduction, it’s so far so good. i woke up at eight this morning thinking that i was late for my conference because it starts at 9.30 and i usually wake up two hours before my classes… and it feels like my soul gave birth to quadruplets and we were rampaging around the room, trying to get dressed and look decent and have breakfast before going out and running up the hill towards the education building for my philosophy conference. it sounds horrible, and it was horrible (i’m not going to lie) but then it turned out that i was actually one of the first few who arrived, so i could catch up on my breath and just sit down like a retard, trying to nurse my aching thigh muscles.

and then everything turned out for the better (: i started noticing the smoke that comes out of my mouth every time i breathe out and i know this sounds ridiculous, but i was completely mesmerized by it. i was looking at it, and was repeating on exhaling through my mouth on every traffic stops. i mean, i know that the smoke will come sooner or later, but i rarely ‘breathe out smoke’ in Indonesia, for obvious reasons. another good thing: my conference was cut short because the fire alarms were off and we were all ushered out of the building. i thought it was just a drill but then fire trucks start coming and i was like: (O.o) was it that serious?

oh wells~ i got out early, and got a free cup of Starbucks coffee. i guess it wasn’t really free as it was by donation (it was for UNICEF) and i was more than glad to donate anyway, and so i got a cup of steaming, hot, black coffee, and two brownies. like oh my god can my day get any better. but yes it did ! i received hugs from my friends that i met on the campus grounds (three hugs in total) and you know hugs always makes me feel better.

chubby cheeks is now smiling sitting in the library all warm up in mom’s hand me down sweater and writing this post as we speak (as i type). i miss home, but being in McGill is just… it’s amazing. the people here are amazing. i’m missing my baby sisters back home, and my mom, and my dad, and my friends (oh god, my friends. i miss them so much!~ ) but my friends here are equally amazing, and the fact that they’re able to warm me up on the insides on a cold day like this…

i really have nothing to complain about.


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