i woke up to a lovely Thursday morning… feeling very happy that i only have one afternoon class today (: confident that nothing will go wrong, i checked the weather forecast (because you just never go out of the house without looking at a weather forecast) and then just like that, the perfect morning is gone. it was frozen onto the pathways before i could even put on my sweater.

5 degrees centigrade.

i just about died.

and then i thought it wouldn’t be that bad because these weather forecasts are sometimes deceiving, so i got dressed and then went downstairs to get yogurt and granola for the papayas that i cut last night, and then died even further.

it was serious. even indoors, i was visibly shaking. it was a cold unlike anything else i’ve ever known. it’s even colder than Kevin’s car, which is, i swear, one of the coldest place on earth. people have been telling me that there will come a time where i will throw a party out on the street when it’s five degrees celsius outside, but man it’s cold for me now. i will never rejoice for five degrees celsius and below.

and it’s only early October…. i am so depressed.


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