thanksgiving (:

happy belated thanksgiving blog (: 

it literally was the first time i get to celebrate thanksgiving…. to be quite honest, my first impression of thanksgiving is not that great, but i’m looking forward to future thanksgivings, which hopefully include thanksgiving dinners complete with a beautiful turkey and gravy sauce.

a lot of my friends went home, so Carrefour felt a little empty (or is it just me?) but i spent thanksgiving well (despite not festively). i put on a hand me down sweater (mom’s) and went to the library to get my readings done. and then i had roasted chicken with gravy and potatoes on the side and also a bowl of fish chowder soup. and then i spend the night watching 4 episodes of a Korean drama i’m currently watching… so i guess yesterday wasn’t that bad.

i’m just missing my family a lot, that’s all. no surprise there, but i’m sorry to inform you that you would hear a lot more of ‘i miss my family’ in my posts. prepare yourself. but really… especially when it gets colder, and when everyone’s going back for Christmas and i’m not… what i can do is maybe save money, and eat a fancy Christmas eve dinner with a couple of friends (: at least that wouldn’t suck.

anyways~ that’s an account of my ‘long’ three-day weekend. i didn’t do much on Saturdays and Sundays… went to a party on Friday and i guess i went a little overboard (again) with the vodkas. i should really stop doing that. :/ i’ll talk to you some time later blog. need to do some reviewing on my Linguistics notes.



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