why we tell stories

hey blog. remember when i told you i didn’t actually know why i’m actually writing here? blabbering about my life non stop like it’s not my business and basically being such a girl and telling my life story to everyone who might not even care, talking about periods of my life which i hope have never existed in the first place… and i told you that i will write when i even found a ‘semblance’ of an answer.

let it be known that i haven’t found an answer to this question yet. an answer that i can call my own… but then i ran into a video on youtube and this guy, Phil Kaye (you might have probably heard about him) he said something that was actually similar to what i had in my mind about the answer i was going to write to you about. so i feel like sharing it with you guys….

and i like how he words his sentences.

the next time i meet a guy of whom i have even the slightest inclination to, i will say hi to him. and if he asks me why i am even talking to him, i will say that he’s nice and is handsome enough to be my soulmate.


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