Jardins de lumière

okay. so i look like a haggard old lady, i know… but please excuse my appearance. you guys know i never look good on camera anyway so :/

i’m posting this picture because it was taken when i went to the Chinese lantern festival with the international student club at McGill. and it was so cold there. so. cold. and i know i get cold all the time but that cold… was out of this world. i swear it must’ve been below 10 degrees celsius. but regardless of the temperature issue, i actually had fun.

my friend in the middle’s Kim Keidan (she’s a friend from my French class) and the one to her right (your left) is Catherine, her roommate. they’re both really nice people. (: i’m so happy i get to have nice friends here… they both live off campus, and that, for me, is so cool. they get to have their own Metro card and everything 😀

anyways. i have a philosophy paper to write.

i’ll talk to you soon.

love you loads,


2 thoughts on “Jardins de lumière

  1. You look great, don’t worry! I can’t believe that a cardigan can last you a night in Montreal! I wore a jacket last night (Vancouver) and i was still cold. The festival looks so beautiful with all the lights, I don’t think ours are that big here…

    1. no, i assure you, the cardigan was not enough. at all. it was like prancing naked in the Montreal botanical garden. not great. 😐 thank you dear ^^ can’t believe you called me looking great when i looked so ugly like that.

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