bras and hickeys.

okay, so i guess this post is long overdue, but i promised :/ bear with me.

you know how i write about a lot of things here, right? this blog is basically just an account of my life. i want to continue this blog for as long as i live but idk what’s going to happen in the future, i might ditch this blog, i might not…we’ll see. and idk why i’m practically telling you my life. i’ll write about it if i find even a semblance of an answer for that question but for now, idk why i’m doing this, apart from the fact that it’s stress relieving.

anyways~ last last weekend (it was the weekend before this weekend. yes, i know, i’m sorry it took me this long to write a post) but it was basically party weekend. to get directly to the point, i basically get my ass drunk on Friday, finally understanding my limits, which is funny because i’m usually so confused as to how people call it their ‘limit’ (alcohol wise) it’s like how can you tell that it’s your limit? but i guess after that one night when i drank vodka like it was water, i know that your ‘limit’ is essentially something that you’re imposing to yourself. for me, throwing up is my limit. some people might set their limit to stage eight of alcohol poisoning or passing out, but no. to be completely frank, i don’t really like the feeling of getting pissed off drunk… i usually limit myself to two shots and a couple of beers, but that’s it. idk what’s gotten into me that Friday, but i swear i didn’t feel any nausea. at all. and my roommate told me that it’s probably because i drank vodka instead of normal alcohols, i guess… if that’s even a way to put it.

and then the next day, i thought i wouldn’t be able to attend this welcoming party hosted by one of the student clubs at McGill because i thought i was going to get headaches, but surprisingly, i didn’t get that much of a hangover than i’d assumed i would. so i went, and they had this ‘scavenger hunt’ where you should collect stuff and get points for it. i… had to take off my bra because the more bras a group gets the more points they receive. so me, and all the other girls took off their bras (and yes, in the restroom of course)… i even got a hickey from a girl because it was worth three points -_- and the guys had to take off their pants and that was so weird… they took it off on-stage and were like: “we’re guys. we can take off our pants anytime.”

conclusion: they just had so much to drink already.

but then again, i guess not, because they only serve beer (and fries …and i only had to pay $10 for unlimited beer and a basket of fries so that’s good 😀 ) and they most probably wouldn’t get drunk on beer. so.

that’s the end of my super exciting (adventurous) weekend. now that i think about it, it’s kinda a boring post, but oh well. it’s out in the open now… it’s just that i’ve always thought nothing exciting will happen to me in college. like the most exciting thing would to eat poutine with a bunch of friends, but then again, be careful of what you wish for. you’d never know what’s just around the corner from where you are.


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