*dies on my bed*

i just realized that for whatever reason, my body decides to only sleep for three hours last night.

i woke up thinking that i overslept… and then i was searching for my phone because that phone is my holy grail alarm clock. totally cannot lose that phone, and in the midst of searching for that phone in the dark, i realized that i’m not sleepy anymore. it’s just like my biological clock rang and it’s not even 6 am or anything. it’s not even 5. it’s 3 freakin’ AM and i was wide awake like i was in an energy drink marathon. and no, i don’t drink energy drinks so that’s kinda a moot point.

today was okay, i guess. pretty messed up if i must say so myself, but okay. Latin is obviously getting harder by every lecture and i’m so behind on my readings on philosophy and linguistics. not to mention i already have other readings for my Japanese culture studies so i’m so stoked i don’t know how to do all of this at once.

and then there’s this thing with my SIN card… i tried to apply for it and actually walked a good 30 minutes to get to that place only to be told that i had to go back and fill in another document. i’m sort of glad that i it was literally just five minutes ago that i realized i only slept for three hours or else i would’ve broke down then and there. but then of course God is forever nice and kind, i met little miracles along the way home to dearest Carrefour Sherbrooke. i got  a free hug for once, in the McLennan Library. there’s this bunch of girls wearing ‘Free Hug’ tags and i was like: “i need a hug.” (.__.) so i got one for free and… it’s an instant pick me up if you know what i’m saying. and then when i was walking pass lower field someone actually shouted at me and said: “hi cutie!”

okay. that was like the most awkward thing because i didn’t know him and he obviously doesn’t know me. but it really is funny how those little kind of funny and ridiculous things can instantly makes you happy. and of course, when i got back, i immediately made myself a hot chai milk tea and watch as much youtube videos as i want. and then i went downstairs to get some dinner with Joelle… i got poutine, and for those of you who doesn’t know what poutine is, well, poutine is this extremely fatty meal you can ever have, consisting of basically fries, gravy and melted cheese. a Montreal specialty, but it’s really not something you want to have for dinner. i thought i’m going to just let myself have comfort food on a Friday night but now i have stomachaches damn it.

yeay~ so that’s an account of my day… nothing too serious or interesting. i may as well take a hot shower and go to sleep, and wake up  at like… idk 3-ish? to read more philosophy just because the greater good comes to me faster before the break of dawn, i guess.

toodles blog. i’ll update on the promised post tomorrow, so stay tuned 😉



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