tired and missing home

missing my family more than ever. it’s not that i don’t miss them before this, it’s just that i miss them more now.

and i have two theories for this.

(one) i really miss them. this is by far the longest period of time i have been away from my family and i miss them dearly. to know that i still have seven months to go is …. excruciating. (which is why it’s best for me to just not think about it)

(and two) i think i’m getting sick. this week, (yes, i’m speaking of the monday and tuesday that i have just gone through) has been so exhausting that it was ridiculous. it’s 1:58 in the morning and i just got back from the library. having done that for two days in a row… it’s exhausting. nuff said. and because of the change of weather everyone’s sneezing a lot and everyone seem to just catch a cold :/ i hate that. i don’t want to catch a cold. makes my head hurts. and it practically makes me miss my family more… it’s like the sense of having people taking care of me when i’m sick. i’ll not have it here. plus, my stomach’s reacting weirdly this past couple of days. (again)

and yeah, basically that. i just have a lot of things to do, plus 24 hours a day is just too little a time to finish all of this monstrosity that i can see is piling up on me. but i guess i wouldn’t want more than 24 hours a day. it may be a lot more tiring than i think it is.

on a less random note, SLUM, the undergraduate Linguistics society at McGill held a gathering of sorts at Gert’s (the campus pub) and so i had free beer and pizzas for dinner! yeay~ i’m always up for free stuff. especially food. and books. just that i haven’t found any free books anywhere yet (and i might not, mind you) –but i guess this little piece of information is also something random.

i’ll write soon enough. when my Intro to Japanese Culture test is done and over with, and i’m done sorting out on the other little things (or maybe, the not so little things) i’ll write the post that i promised. i haven’t forgotten, you see (:

xxx (extra ‘x’ for the extra patience)


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