the lights hitting the trees @ Leacock

i am, as of now, in Leacock building, waiting for my Latin class that will commence in 20 minutes, and which we will start to learn Module 3. i was skimming through it and found out that we were going to learn about verb conjugations which, on first glance, i know is going to drive my mind, body and soul (and my memory device) into insanity in the next couple of days.

so i closed the module and resort to talking to you, as i always do when i’m even mildly depressed. i’m currently watching the light hitting the trees, noticing how the light strengthens and dims in intervals, and realized that today’s a cloudy day. not to mention very blustery…. the pattern of the changing lights makes me sleepy– but that shouldn’t surprise me so much as everything makes me sleepy nowadays. even chewing gum couldn’t help reduce my sleepiness. if only i didn’t care so much for my readings, i wouldn’t have been so sleep deprived right now.

i know i still haven’t fulfilled my promise of my rather ‘adventurous’ weekend, but we’ll see how it goes okay? because even though i have no midterm tests for any of my courses, i have Latin quizzes every Friday, a French test tomorrow, an Intro to Japanese Culture test the day after tomorrow, and a Philosophy paper of Aristotle due before Thanksgiving. it’s actually okay, considering the work load i receive during high school, but to do those assignments and the two dreadful tests well, i need to do my readings. and of course, i need a good dose of optimism to get through that, so i might be posting those posts rather late, but i’ll not forget (:

now that i’ve talked to you, i’ve channeled my inner morbid-ness and could continue on with Latin which is now starting in 15 minutes. (it was 20 minutes before writing this post. )



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