teeaaasseerrr! ~ <3

it’s 3 PM (yes in the afternoon. note the sarcasm i impose on this particular phrase in regards to Eminem’s 3 AM in the morning ) and i’m in the Schulich science library being a good girl and doing my work. not so much as work, but i have a lot of readings to catch up on, and having spent yesterday cleaning and partying at night, not to mention sleeping at 3 AM (in the morning) i had to do my stuff today. it’s finally going to be a long day for a good cause.

i actually have a lot to tell you. the ‘be careful of what you wish for’ wisdom has been ringing in my ears since i last wrote it out on one of my previous post. because i finally got something interesting to tell you guys~ and a lot of things too, so that’s good… i guess.

nonetheless i do have a lot of readings i have to cover before today ends, so let me just give you a little teaser here.

i took my (flowery, lacy) bras off in a poutine place and had them for display in front of a lot of hot korean guys. 

now that should keep you wondering.

but until then 😉 stay put whilst i tackle this humongous Intro to Japanese book. i’ll write you back i promise.


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