i just got back from my philosophy conference… going to have my latin test in two hours and having my first linguistics conference today. apart from my Latin class (of which i must exclude since it has no significance in what i’m about to tell you guys) i feel that most of my courses, especially philosophy and linguistics, sometimes Japanese studies, are so pretentious that it sometimes bothers me.

with Linguistics, it’s mostly the use of big words that are unnecessary (e.g. “equivalent entities” which really just means “the same thing”) and my prof actually encourages the use of those words which are sometimes driving me nuts but philosophy was even worse. sometimes when a lot of my peers are speaking, i cannot help but think how many of them actually understand what they’re talking about, or if they’re just a charlatan. how many people end up in Intro to Moral Philosophy just because they desperately need the extra credit and it’s only that course that fits into their schedule. and i’m saying this not because i hate philosophy or that i don’t appreciate the mechanism of living a good life and upholding your virtues, it’s just that sometimes it gets too much to handle.

or maybe that’s just me. maybe a lot of people succeed greatly in university when they’re being pretentious, or even worse, if i’m just the stupid person there in the conference, and people are actually understanding what they themselves or their peers are talking about.


anyways~ on a lighter note: “be careful of what you wish for” i have been getting that a lot. not just because i usually wish for some random weird things that i might not essentially really want to happen (if that makes sense) but just as i was saying yesterday that i had nothing interesting to write, something ‘interesting’ actually happened to me hours after i posted my blog post.

so i was eating at RVC the other day (one of the other dorms apart from C4) and when i was done and about to put away my tray, i placed it in the wrong direction and the whole content just fell to the floor. i broke a plate (or two) and was so terrified by the idea of having to pay for those plates. (since i’m basically broke here. got no money anymore yo) . fortunately, i got a way with it (probably because i was too shocked to say anything), the man kindly ‘shooed’ me away out of the cafeteria in which i gladly oblige since i’m just to embarrassed.

if that is somehow highly amusing you, help yourself with a laugh or two, i don’t mind. might as well get a good laugh out of it because it’s going to be a long day. (at least for me)

i’ll see you when i see you. meanwhile, take care.



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