guys like funny girls

for some reasons unfathomable, i was contemplating about the characteristics that will make a girl ideal to guys… and i realize that guys like funny girls. not just girls who sits pretty and sweet but girls who are pretty, sweet and funny. and i obviously know this beforehand because the internet, magazines, the characters portrayed in books and just people in general knows about it and talks about it, so your chances of not knowing this little trivia (however subjective it may be. each person differs, but the majority agrees) is minuscule. tiny. and even though i’ve known about this little fact, i’ve never really put my thoughts into it. because guys like funny girls, and that’s it. but tonight (when i just had my fourth piece of dark chocolate) i suddenly thought about it and immediately was like: (.__.) damn.

i might be considered halfway there if i’m pretty and sweet, but i’m not pretty and sweet. and what’s worse is that i come to a conclusion that i am not funny at all. and this, my friend, is why i don’t have a boyfriend -_- i would not even classify this post under love affairs because i’m not engaged in a relationship right now.

fuck this shit.

p.s. do excuse my french. idk why but it’s not everyday that my thoughts venture into the relationship realm… it’s maybe because my feet are cold, but that’s an entirely different story. today is a weird day. 


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