cold. and wet.

so it’s raining today. i finally got my chance to use the umbrella mom bought me at Chinatown and the rain jacket that doesn’t look like a rain jacket. but that being said, i’m so happy now that i’m indoors.

i know the weather prediction told me that it’s 17 degrees celsius right now but i don’t even bother wearing socks. i got out of the dorm in my trusteed flip flops and i was so glad i did that. the raining itself i can handle, but wet socks? i’ll turn into a hulk in minutes. well, to be fair, i do enjoy rainy days, same goes to rainy afternoons or rainy nights… but i do prefer to be indoors when it rains–because i hate using umbrellas and how it’s sometimes such a hassle to open and close them (especially the wet ones) . unless for whatever reasons i decided to play outside in the rain, i’d rather not get wet. :/

anyways now that i’ve granny-ranted about the cold and being wet, today is actually a pretty good day. i only have one class today, and it’s French, and we’re going to the lab, so i’m looking forward to it. and i had some pretty good meals. i had a big bowl of fruits and yogurt and granola (my breakfast for the past week now) and i just had baked salmon with bread crumbs on top and some of the best caf-salad i have ever tasted so far. so i’m happy about that.

regardless, i do miss home. i miss Raissa and her convex stomach, and her smell that sticks onto my clothes and skin after i just carried her. i miss Anie and her weird obsession with different celebrities, and of course i miss mom and dad… that is just a given. 😦 i miss the food as well. after so many days of eating sandwich, i just…. i can’t take it anymore. too much bread in my system and i need my rice.

and~ i really have to go now. i need to do this French thing that has been bugging me for so long, and i have a tonne of readings to do. i’ll come by as soon as i can.


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