gomme sans sucre

i’m on a really tight schedule here blog, and i know it’s already 9.43 PM and i’m not really much of a late sleeper but i still have so much to do !~ i’m writing just because i haven’t written for the past two days (?) i didn’t keep track :/ but might as well write a very very short entry for now to keep things going on.

again, about the weather. remember when i told you that when i arrived the weather was so cold, and then it gradually turned warm, and then cold again, and then warm again? well guess what? it was freezing yesterday. i went out with some friends to go to Walmart, and we’re supposed to meet at Tim Horton’s but once i went out from the turnstiles, i immediately scanned by card back in and hurry up to change into warmer clothes. the weather here is just so unpredictable, i can’t say that enough.

but aside from that, i’m enjoying university life. a lot of people have been asking me whether i like being a college student or if i’d rather stay as a high school student… well :/ i can’t really say much. i can’t say i love school, but i definitely don’t hate. school is okay for me in general, and high school for me is pretty tough since i didn’t get to choose the subjects that i want to study, and i had like 13(?) subjects? so that was a struggle. even though high school might just be a liiiittle bit easier than university life is (university is a little more heavy handed with the readings -_-) i definitely wouldn’t want to stay as a high school student. i’ve been through a lot to get my ass into McGill and i definitely wouldn’t want to do the whole thing ever again.

so i’m enjoying every part of it right now… i actually do enjoy the readings now that i think about it. Linguistics is really the science of language as much as a lot of people are very skeptical about it (.__.) it’s a branch of cognitive science and interrelates to neuroscience and all that awesome stuff, so it’s pretty cool to read about those. the declensions and conjugations in Latin are going on pretty well, i have Joelle to help me practice my French, my Japanese study is plain interesting, there’s tonnes of cute boys in my philosophy class, and i’m pretty optimistic so i don’t really have anything to complain about.

oh, and i got these sugar free bubblegums which are currently my lifesavers right now. i don’t usually consume sugar-free goods just because i’m rather iffy on eating aspartame and saccharine and all that no calorie stuff that is basically killing my liver, but this sugar free gum helps because i might have to study until late and chewing helps me stay awake. plus i don’t want to forget to brush my teeth because that will be even more gross, so i guess for now, i’ll settle on these aspartame induced gums. i just hope that my livers wouldn’t give up on me when i’m (unavoidably) dealing with my mid-life crisis.

i’ll see you soon blog. xx

p.s. if you realize that the words on the pictures are backwards, please do understand. Gale has been incompetent as of late and wouldn’t send pictures via bluetooth to Sparky. as Gale is not equipped with internet at the moment, Sparky is doing all the job. (: and if none of this make sense to you, i would just like to tell you that it doesn’t matter. this stuff is not important.


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