“it’s up the hill.”

i’m not the type of person who’s calm and collected. let me just say that and throw it out in the open. i’m not, but sometimes i do a pretty good job at hiding it.

so imagine how i felt when i woke up extra early today for a 9.30 conference and still end up coming late. i thought the conference was going to be held at the chemistry building (like the lectures are) so i went there and was sitting in the theatre all nice and pretty thinking ‘yes! i arrived on time’ and then i saw a friend of mine who i thought didn’t take philosophy so i was like : “hey!” and motioning her to come over… and she was also surprised to see me in her physical chemistry class. i. was. so. stumped.

after that everything was chaos inside my brain. the first thing i had to do was get my hands on a computer somewhere to check on minerva and freakin’ see where my conferences are held. i somehow managed to get into the engineering building (the computers in the chemistry building failed me. FAILED ME.) and this nice guy was so considerate, he lent me his computer, and i’m like Thank GOD! but my ‘Thank God’ didn’t last that long when i saw that my conference was in the education building and i was like “where’s the Education building?”

it was up the hill. that was what the man said. those three horrendous words that basically sums up everything. up. the. hill. i was inwardly crying.

i came late to my conference, but then after that everything was fine. i find that in university, they don’t fuss about people who came late. they were actually pretty welcoming, and the teachers don’t really care if their students come late or not. it’s a matter of their grades that the teachers or shall i say the ‘profs’ are more concerned about.

oh, and i just got back from this welcoming party thing. it was the ‘Hongkong Club’ and i’m in no way a Hongkong girl. my parents are not from there, my grandparents are not from there, and i don’t even speak Cantonese–but they were giving out brochures in street fest so whatever, i joined in the end. i joined a bunch of other groups, but i don’t know when their welcoming party will be though… it’s party every weekend here. well, party starting from Thursday and on the weekends that is. it was raining when i went back to my dorm, but a guy was nice enough to accompany me back, because i would hate it if i had to go back on my own, and it’s raining outside, without an umbrella. so that was nice of him.

and there you have it. my not (so) chaotic Friday. the Latin quiz went pretty well so i was happy about it, considering that i have never taken Latin before. as a celebration, Joelle and i (attempted) danced PSY’s Gangnam Style moves and we are so pooped out right now so i guess i’m just going to rest for now.

i’ll see you sometimes soon :*


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