la tablette de chocolat

happy international chocolate day everyone!

knowing me, i am ecstatic to know that there is actually a day dedicated to one of my strongest obsession. it makes me feel ‘okay’ to eat one Reese peanut butter cup, four chocolate coated biscuits, and a Lindt Lindor dark chocolate truffle.

speaking of chocolate, that fancy title there in French literally translates to a tablet of chocolate, or more commonly known as, a bar of chocolate. why a bar of chocolate? i had French earlier this noon and was taught that la tablette de chocolat is actually a phrase used to describe ‘six pack’ in French (as in stomach six pack). what better title is there than a phrase containing the word ‘le chocolat’ which directly translates to ‘six pack’? double yum~ lol. jk. oh, and i found the chocolate club at McGill just two days ago, so today is definitely fitting to be the international chocolate day.

*sigh* but obviously, this is my small interlude as i’m supposed to learn for tomorrow’s Latin quiz. such a bittersweet night (yes, pun intended. i just can’t help it.) i’ll see you tomorrow bloggles. i swear i’ll ace that quiz. wish me luck !~


6 thoughts on “la tablette de chocolat

  1. As soon as I found out it translates to six pack as well I got kind of distracted. Mmm…six packs ;] Haha my imagination is amazing when it comes to something like that! International chocolate day is something we should celebrate every day! Reese’s Pieces are just so gosh-darn addictive! :] Good luck for your quiz tomorrow!

    1. hun, it might be too late but your comment is one of the best things in the world that has ‘ever happened to me’. 😀 thank you so much for your comments dear… they make my day. and yes! la tablette de chocolate… who would have wondered, right? thanks dear ^^ i guess i did okay in the quiz 😀

      1. Aw, you’re too kind! As do your replies lovely! :] I’m so happy I stumbled across your blog somehow! ❤
        Every time I hear the word 'chocolate' I just think of six-packs now! I swear! Haha it's wonderful how the mind works sometimes! Yay, I'm glad! I LOVE Latin! I even learned a little bit of it last year at high school ^_^

  2. I only found out it was International Chocolate Day on the day itself, and I was delighted! I went out and bought a bunch of chocolatey treats right away. Now I wish I’d found some truffles though. =[

    1. lol. truffles are heavenly delicious! especially the dark chocolate ones…. ❤ and it's good that you had chocolates on International Chocolate day. in fact, you should have at least one every day! it's therapeutic 😉

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