getting used to it.

hey (: i thought i’d drop by before i engage in a game called ‘brain frying’ also known as studying. i know that’s not funny, but bear with me.

i guess i’ll dedicate this post as an account of how i’m doing so far. first, the weather is so weird here. 4 days ago it was hot and sunny and fine, and then two days ago it was suddenly so cold. today was okay, although it is a little chilly than what i’m used to, but i can still tolerate the weather… i just hope it’s not going to be so cold so soon. :/ i might have to prepare myself for that. maybe arrange a mini hibernation trip?

second: i just can’t understand why i am now two weeks into school and is already so behind on my readings. well, to be fair, i do understand the issue as McGill commences in September and finishes in April, but still… i can’t wrap it around in my head how i can already be behind on my schedule.

the other nitty gritty stuff aren’t too important. at least for me. i find that i get tired a lot now… probably because i’m walking most of the time from classes to classes (especially the back to back ones. they’re the worst).

what else? …

i’m still not used to sleeping on a queen sized bed as i usually sleep on a small narrow sleeping mattress on the floor and i’m now bam!~ sleeping on a queen-sized ‘actual’ bed. i still sleep on one side, but i’m working towards dominating the other side as well… we’ll see how i make progress.

i’m still not used to eating peach and the feeling of its ‘fur’ grazing my tongue. we don’t have peaches back at home, or at least for me… the first time i ate peach was here in Montreal, so that was quite the milestone.

oh, and i know the cost of living here is high but never to the point where i was flabbergasted by it that it made me speechless. especially on essential stuff…. like books and food. i can live without buying clothes, i can live without having the luxury to buy shoes, but books and food? they’re like my holly grail. how dare they be so expensive here?!

french? je peux parler unpeu maintenant, mais je ne sais pas…. francais est tres deficil. j’essaye le mieux. 

and that is the end of my ramblings before studying. i know i’ll miss you, but i’ll see you when i have time.

much love. xx


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