(un)fortunate events

do you realize that you tend to be more determined to wake up on the night before you sleep rather than on the actual morning when you have to wake up?

so i slept at two last night (morning ?) and before bed i sent a prayer to God (or higher power, or the universe or nature, whichever you prefer) and last night was no different. i more or less prayed the same thing, but i added the fact that i slept late and i hope He could summon all of His great forces to wake me up whatever time He deemed was good. i was that desperate not to come late to class.

i did put my alarm on at 6.30 AM because i still have some readings to do, but guess what? when i tried ‘snoozing’ my phone (and He knows that i’m going to inevitably do that) my phone fell into the crevice of my bed, and when i tried to reach for it, further fell to the floor. my arms only fit halfway through the crevice and i was in no way going to be able to move the bed myself. so of course i had to get up, and in the midst of trying to find a way to retrieve my phone, the damn sleepiness evaporated (i even tried getting my phone with the new toilet brush my roommate bought -_- )

and that’s that i guess.

this post really has no point aside from the fact that God always has His own way of doing things.


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