warm clothes.

did my laundry yesterday with my dad, and i can definitely say that it was one of the most memorable thing i did since i came to Montreal. that is saying a lot.

my parents have been with me for 20 days now, and it’s time for them to go back to Indonesia and cater to my sisters who will undoubtedly need them more than i do… but when it’s time to say goodbye, i don’t feel like letting them go. i know a lot of my friends who are very eager to live away from their family, but i cannot disagree more. it was only five minutes since i waved goodbye to them (which really means that they’re still in Montreal as i’m writing) and i’m missing them already.

i know the consequences of studying abroad, much more in a country that is 23 ++ hours away from home (by flight), and trust me i didn’t think twice about living so far away from home until now when everything finally hits me. but Joelle was so understanding and so nice to me. ( i couldn’t have gotten a better roommie! <3) she said that she misses her family, but she’s here to study so she tries not to think about them often (or else she’ll get homesick). she told me that it’s going to be hard now but when i see them again, i’ll be so happy… and she’s right.

now that i’m here, i cannot lose sight of my focus. i need to study hard and play hard, do all the things that i promised myself i’d do before i get here. i thought about all the sacrifices that my parents had to make, that my sisters had to make, that i had to make for me to be able to go abroad for university and for those reasons, i cannot flunk it. i cannot miss the opportunity that my family and i have so long strived for.

it’s the same with laundry. the laundry part itself may be a chore, but when your warm clothes are out of the dryer, you’ll appreciate just how wonderful it all is.

i’m going to work my ass off. i swear i’m never going to let my parents down.


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