first day: red lipstick challenge & anxiety

so i saw somewhere on the internet a challenge to wear red lipstick on the first day of classes. attention seeker much? but then why not? it’s not really my type to wear intense color on my face when i have classes, but as my roommate has put it excellently: “it’s just lipstick”. and yea, it is. everyone’s going to be so busy first day of classes (i know i do) and the last thing that they would remember was a girl in their class wearing red lipstick. they might not at all.

but i digress. that is just my random opening to a rather anxiety-ridden post. beware, you’ve been warned.

i. am. clueless.

i can’t say i’m stressed out, but i’m on the brink of being stressed. this year, i’m taking on three language courses, two cultural studies and two linguistics courses and i am just…. i want to cry. i never thought it would be this intense, especially that i used to have more subjects in high school, but this is just nuts.

i have to say that my concern lies most with the language courses. i mean, i love language and i’d die to be fluent at Mandarin and French and Latin, but language needs a lot of practice. the only question left to be answered is: will i pull through?

i wasn’t excited nor was i nervous before classes start but now i’m just plain terrified. i have a background in most of the languages i take now in university, but everything seems to be so jumbled up.

i need to tell myself to calm down and just get through with it. this is, after all, just the first day of classes. 


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