loft party && temporary skull tattoos

i guess it becomes a habit now that it’s frosh week, but i just came back like thirty minutes ago. and of course, again, the first thing that i did was shower because my hair felt so gross it was out of this world. i lost count at how many times i seem to have inhaled weed. that stuff is everywhere…

so today i went hiking up Mont Royal because i don’t feel like going to any historical tours and such, and on the way back, we came across like this really really cool place where people play techno music at the park and like randomly dance. people are also bringing their tambourines and just started playing. this freaky old man (who also smells like weed) forced me to dance and i was timid at first, but then i was like what the hell. i’m now living in another country altogether, might as well try things that are new to me. it was fun dancing in the middle of all the drumming sounds… pretty awesome.

anyways, that was that, and i went to a loft party at someplace called the ‘death church’. people actually do refer it as a ‘monastery’ or a ‘church’ but it really is far from resembling one. and of course, being the last night of frosh, everyone is just having a good time, drinking, partying…. karaoke-ing in my frosh’s case and making studs / pins. it was the coolest thing ever. so you sorta like cut a picture that you like from a magazine, and they have this machine that help you make the pins. they are super super cool, and i love my pins. they’re awesome. i was a little dizzy though… but i doubt that it was because of the alcohol that i consume… i only had like two glasses of wine and a glass of rosette. that shouldn’t be it. i guess it was because it was so hot and humid inside the loft, and a lot of people are smoking. plus, i’m really really so tired that i sort of have my own little private moment where i passed out in the couch, dozing off not caring what other people think about me sleeping at a party.

so i guess that’s it. i’m so sorry for the slow updates… but i really need to sleep now. speaking of which, it’s now 3 AM, and my roommate  just came back from her own clubbing activity, and she looks sober enough… but she was talking about her friend, Connor, who apparently had twelve bottles of beer and rum and vodka and maybe some weed — who went to the hospital because of alcohol poisoning… and then she told me how she doesn’t understand how that works because she would like pee a lot of she drink that much :/ i mean my roommate was laughing so much, so i don’t know… she looks sober, but i think she’s a little drunk hahaha!

i’ll tell you more tomorrow dearest, definitely. i might sleep in, but i have a skype date with dearest baby sister. i attended a lot of workshops during rad frosh so that’s going to be fun to cover here, but that has to wait until tomorrow. i’m wasted and i need to sleep now.


see you soon ❤


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