nothing is indestructible

so apparently that was a phrase of a song that i heard in one of the pubs in gay village.

i finally did my pub crawl. yea, finally… and i’m not going to deny that it was super super fun. i just got back and the first thing i did was wash my hair off the smoke and drug smell. i’m blogging now because i promised, and yes, i’m tired but totally awake. for now.

for Rad frosh, since we’re the so called different-from-the-others frosh (we’re considered the alternative frosh instead of ‘faculty frosh’ like arts frosh, science frosh, etc. etc.) we actually went to the gay village for pub crawl and it was definitely one of those it’s-one-in-a-lifetime thing moments for me, just that it might not exactly my last time being there. i’m so definitely going back there, because that place is just awesome. so with the Rad frosh pub crawl, we only go to like two pubs (thank goodness for that. i heard from my friend that the arts frosh is doing 6 pubs in one pub crawl session) but with just two pubs, we get to actually enjoy the ambience of the club first before leaving instead of doing 6 pubs and sparing only five minutes in each pub.

okay, so for me, on the first pub, i watch a drag queen show, and it came like something totally normal to me that i was surprised when Hillary, a friend of mine from the States, told me that she was never exposed to drag queen shows before this. that was literally her first time seeing a drag queen show and i overheard someone saying that it’s their first time too, and i was like wow!~ that’s weird, because my park-sist had five drag queens invited to her seventeenth birthday party. on the next pub, we just danced, and danced we did. it was chaos, but good chaos. i guess everything looks better with strobe lights when we’re drunk, but i wasn’t exactly drunk though. i didn’t even feel tipsy. i had a shot of Polar bear and a shot of Tequila, and that’s it. because i thought drinks are on the house but it wasn’t, and i only had $5 in my wallet, so i didn’t actually drink a lot. but i guess that’s good because i have to wake up at freakin’ 9 AM tomorrow for breakfast and then continue the other frosh activities.

so yeah! overall, i did have an amazing time… met a lot of new friends there… saw a lot of beautiful drag queens… saw a lot of people in costumes since apparently there’s this one club where the people who visits there where costumes. it’s so amazing, i took a picture with it, but i can’t exactly upload it because there’s something with my phone that is not compatible with res internet, but whatever. it was such an experience! oh, and i had two people grinding on me today. not the bad and perverted kind of grind though… apparently, the style here (and i think the style of dancing in pubs anywhere else) is putting your hands in the air and grinding the air– it’s just that if someone’s coincidentally standing in front of you or behind you then you’re actually grinding into an actual being and not just air. it’s that simple. no shame, no reservations, no nothing. it was just dancing. and since i was sober most of the time i did those crazy dancings, i was able to observe how the situation really was. so i guess the thing about alcohol is that it reduces your sense of reservation. i guess that’s it. try getting tipsy (and i said tipsy, not drunk) and you’ll be guaranteed to make a lot of friends. just do not get extremely drunk… because tipsy’s actually okay but pissed out drunk is just going way overboard. because i paid a whopping $60 for Rad frosh. i don’t want to waste myself with cheap bottles of wine (or beers for that matter) and like don’t remember anything the next morning. that $60 i paid was for exchange of a memory that i will never ever forget for my entire life. the first day of frosh.

yes, so i’ve seen a lot of things today. girls touching other girls, guys touching other guys… i saw my guy friend strip because he lost in a drinking game with a particularly vicious drag queen, i saw a man flashing his ass on the streets (obviously drunk) and i actually met two cute Asian guys… but the thing about going to a gay village pub is that you don’t know if they are homosexual or not. (not that i care of course, they’re still hot. think of it like window shopping, but not exactly purchasing)

all in all, it was great! it was fantastic, stupendous, exorbitant, and an unexceptional experience. i will never forget this night of embracing your own sexuality, whether you’re gay, or a lesbian, or bi. it really is a representation of freedom, and i’m basking in the glory of all of this.


p.s. i might upload pictures if the internet finally agrees with my phone


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