one particularly boring day

today has been uneventful.

i woke up at eight this morning because yesterday i slept at like two, marvelling at how quick the internet is (i get to watch a movie online and i didn’t even have to wait for it to buffer. not even once.) and right after i woke up, i tidied my laundry and skyped with Anie, because i miss her and Raissa so much it’s crazy. my roommate and i then went down for breakfast, and went up again because there simply is nothing to do. i was just chilling here, hanging out in my unmade bed, checking my mails and facebook, and trying to watch korean dramas just because the internet is so fast here. i mean, i know that the internet in Indonesia is bad, but now that i’m here, it just amplifies it a lot more. like now i know how sucky it is back home.

*sigh* Montreal was crying for most of the morning, and the weather gets chilly so i sort of just snuggle in my bed doing nothing until a floor mate of mine asked me to go to Eaton centre with her, and so i went, still in my PJs, just with an additional hood because it was cold. ): i don’t think i’ll be doing anything for the afternoon, just chilling out on my bed, but i do have to dress up though because tonight is my first rad frosh activity and we’ll have like a gay village pub crawl … haha! so that’ll be interesting. i just hope i don’t get too drunk, which is why i’m chugging water right now and am practically bloated.

and that is basically the account of my boring day. i still have nothing to tell you guys… there are some cute guys, but just in passing. not significant enough to feature in my blog… and i bet you guys are tired with the romantic stuff so we’ll just lay low on that for a while 😉

i’ll definitely blog about the pub crawl though, because it just seem very interesting. my friends did the arts frosh and she said pub crawls are like going to different pubs for five minutes and just drink, and it’s just so random for me. i don’t know… i might like it, i might not, but i paid my $60 for rad frosh and i’m sure as hell i’m not gonna waste it. plus since i’m 18 already, the beers are paid for. so i’m technically not losing anything. i just have to keep my sanity and be sober enough to walk back home to C4.

tonight is definitely going to be a new experience.

see you soon lovelies…. xx!


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