disoriented during orientation week

i am SO SO SO STRESSED OUT right now.

i am now doing my laundry because i had nothing to do, and i didn’t know how frustrating it could be. so i just realized that i didn’t put detergent in the washing machine that is now currently WASHING MY CLOTHES and i just realized that ‘delicates and knits’ use warm water. shit.

i’ve heard a lot of bad things with using warm water in doing laundry and i’m absolutely horrified right now. fingers crossed my clothes will not transform into mini gherkin-sized clothes…. i am just so screwed.

anyways~ in the midst of failing in laundry, i had the initiative of talking to you blog, to release all these pent up stress of doing laundry. plus i just knew that you should put in money inside the laundry card… i know it sounds a bit silly, but all these silly things are driving me nuts. i don’t have a credit card, i only have a measly $5 dollar bill left in my wallet and i’m putting on my Yaoming face. i swear the washing machines are all screwed up, i am so confused.

*sigh* but that’s enough about my laundry disaster… i’m going to talk about orientation week now, more about the things that is going on right now in my life. so tomorrow’s rad frosh (i finally made up my mind to do at least one frosh) i can’t say i’m excited… i don’t know what to expect, but then again, it’s frosh, so it’s bound to be fun. of course, there’ll be a lot of pub crawlings and beer chugging but then rad frosh is more to knowing the Montreal neighborhood and how i can get involved in charity events, and cool stuff like that. so that’ll be pretty awesome.

and i did locate a couple of pianos yesterday and it made my day. despite it being Clavinovas and not really acoustic pianos, i’m sooo happy i found them just because i’m dying to play the piano. i miss playing and when i saw them at the corner of the Music library building, i was possessed. i ran to it and my roommate was like so confused haha! 😀 and the Music library building is so close to C4 (Carrefour – my dorm) which is like only a block away so i’m pretty happy about that.

but i’m rambling now, and there’s someone here who is random doodling on the wall/white board and his artwork is amayzing!!!

and it might not appear like it but i spent 1 hour writing this post– my laundry’s done and i feel so accomplished right now, you don’t even…

so i’ll talk to you later, yea? i need to fold my clothes now before it starts creasing everywhere….

xxx (an extra ‘x’ if you attempt to forgive me for this random blog post)


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