three cheers for McGill !

okay, so i guess this has been long overdue, but since i’m now currently residing in residence and have my school just two blocks away from me, i think it’s time now to write my belated university post. but of course, what better way is there to start a university post aside from the official university chant? so here it is:

mcgill once! mcgill twice!
holy fucking jesus christ!
wham bam, god damn!
son of a bitch, shit!
three cheers for mcgill!
fuck fuck fuck!
three cheers for fucking!
mcgill mcgill mcgill!

so that is our official chant and i’m not even lying. when they first recite it, the only thing i heard was ‘fucking fucking fucking’ and i’m like they cannot be serious. but then it all sinked in and i’m like, oh okay, that really is the McGill chant. no biggie 😀 we’re not supposed to do this chant in the McGill ghetto (just an area outside campus where a lot of college students are living) but then some people (well, a lot of people) still do anyways, and even though it’s like 3.30 AM in the morning, if you do this chant, you’ll most likely get some other people cheering for you, like 80% of the time.

but what can i say? McGill est tres magnifique et Montreal est tres belle. i love the fact that with McGill you can still be a small tight knit community, but outside the Roddick gates you have the city on your fingertips. and we’re situated in downtown Montreal so i have everything i need within five to ten minutes worth of walking, and that’s always nice. at first i didn’t know why i decided to go here and i went through so much trouble trying to figure out why i really wanted to go here (since i was not a hardcore McGill fan before this… i am now though 😉  ) and pretty much after they know i came from Indonesia, they will ask why on earth i would want to go to uni so far away from home. and i don’t blame them… it’s kinda scary if you think about it, which is why i shouldn’t be thinking about it. but now that i’m here, i feel like Montreal is the perfect fit for me and that McGill is a godsend. literally. i mean there are some things that i don’t like with the university (let’s just be honest with that), and mainly because the institution can be so bureaucratic, but the pros and cons weighed together, i still feel like going to McGill is a blessing.

when i first came here, i directly went to the McLennan library (which is the arts and humanities library) and the Redpath museum and i am not at all disappointed. but especially Redpath museum because i was this close into touching a real dinosaur bone. if only they didn’t put the ‘do not touch’ sign, i’ll be stealing touches already! and they also have two real mummies inside of the museum so that’s cool. not to mention preserved (formalin-filled) dead animals are scattered all over the museum for display and it’s just… amazing. (it feels a little insensitive to be happy about ‘preserved dead animals’ but then that was my first reaction to it… i was just being honest (.__.) ) the museum’s amazing!

so that’s about it really. i can go on and on and on if i am to describe all of the McGillian delights i find here, but for now, i think i have finally completed the long awaited university post.

oh, and the reason for all this secrecy is because i didn’t want to write anything before it is all settled. i was torn between University of Iowa and McGill, and even after i chose McGill, a lot of things can go wrong and i might not get into Montreal, but thankfully, everything went well and so i’m here now 😀

see you soon ! orientation week is dawning and i’m definitely going to write about it… so until then.

xxx (an extra ‘x’ for being extra patient 😉 )

all pictures are courtesy of McGill University /

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