hello, after such a long time… it seems.

okay, so i’m blogging real quick before i take a shower now. i’m feeling gross, and i need to take a shower pronto, but of course, blogging comes first (:

so i guess i started on the wrong foot… having not blogged for uhh~ a week? close to a week? i lost track… it’s just that, it might just be a week since i last blogged…. and i have SO MANY TO SAY. i cannot even stress it out how much.

first things first: it’s almost five days now that i’m in gorgeous, gorgeous Montreal…. and i’m loving it here. Canada is amazing, and even though i love the Vancouver airport, Montreal is my true love. it’s like i fell in love with the city from the first time i laid eyes on it on the plane  and this city is just beautiful. and of course, you cannot forget about the frenchy frenchy stuff going on here. see, Montreal is very french. i didn’t think it would be this french… i thought it’s not going to be that extreme when i filled out the application, but then when i got here and everyone is like oui mademoiselle, je parle francais, so i’m like okay~ i’ll try my best to learn it.

urgh i’ve got so many to tell you, i might even have to write multiple blog posts on just about moving in, and rez life and of course the amazing city itself but i’m going to prioritize my personal hygiene as of now, just because i just came back from like a floor meeting a.k.a. pizza night, beer and beerpongs… we were having soo much fun and ended up being disgusting sweaty college kids who desperately needs a shower…. so i’m having one now, and i might blog again later, i might not :/ it is 10 PM at night now, so i might sleep. 😀

i promise you pictures and posts and picture posts in the next meeting to come.

i’ll see you soon :*

hugs and kisses



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