caput !

how about that blog? how about that… five (full grown) (now six) posts straight and i finished the challenge despite limping through to the finish line.

so i’m not happy about completing the challenge this way… but, i can’t help it 😦 i’m really sorry. i had a lot to do… got to finish my last minute packing and whatnot. oh, and speaking of packing, the reason why i’m rushing all of these posts is because i’ll be leaving. leaving the country. tomorrow. for college.

and somehow it still feels like i still have a long time here. /tear

what to do? my three month holiday is about to end and i’m hanging on, grappling for the last of summer. and i will will will miss my sisters :’| regardless of the fact that i hate them sooo much sometimes, or the fact that i know they intentionally try to annoy me, they are my sisters, and i love those precious little people so much i couldn’t help it!

so a little scared? yes ( i hope i get a nice roomie), excited? not at all. it really is ridiculous how unexcited i am. i have always wanted to go abroad somewhere, especially for university, so it really comes as a shock to me that even a day before i allegedly go, slash leave the country, i can’t find a single ounce of excitement in my blood.

what i know for sure is that it’ll be cold. how cold? i don’t know. the fact that i cannot even imagine going there, let alone, being in a new place, one simply CANNOT expect me to be able to imagine how cold it would be. (and you readers know how i am with the cold. i just… can’t. )

my only hope is that everything would start and continue to be nice and steady, and that i would transition smoothly to my new environment. you know, make new friends and everything…. just hoping that i will not turn out to be a party pooper. lol. bottomline: survival. i want to survive. i need to. i know no one but myself there.

so this is it. my last post in Indonesia before i go to …… somewhere.

i swear i’ll blog about it once i get there and have my own laptop, kay? i will finally make that late late late university post, but for now, it’s coming soon.

i’ll see you guys there. the same me, just… a different zip code.

love you loads,



13 thoughts on “caput !

    1. thank you dear (: i did have safe flight… Canada is…amayyzing!! you should definitely come here. don’t worry… i’ll wait patiently until you’re not broke enough to go (;

      1. yes it will… i’m a hundred and ten percent sure you will be stinky rich you can go to anywhere you want in this freakin’ planet 😀 just make sure you visit me when you do 😉

      2. oh there will be …. i just got here like five days ago, and already i’m tired of maple syrup as i’m having it for breakfast everyday now…. you should REALLY come. i’ll introduce you to my roommate! ❤ she's from Luxembourg and she's really nice (:

      3. Oh I don’t think I could ever get sick of it! :] Yay, I would love to meet her! I would love to meet both of you! :] Waffles, maple syrup, that magical tart that I will sneak into the country and all of us = A SUPER MEGA AWESOME PARTY!

      4. yeah!!! and my floor mates would most likely insist on beerpongs…. but we can always sneak in into our rooms if everything gets too rowdy haha! they love new people 😉

      5. Haha I’ve never played beerpong before but all my friends at university don’t stop talking about it! Mainly because they hate beer >.< I love it! Haha. Rowdy is good! I love meeting new people so I'm sure it would be a good time! xD

      6. it is… it is a good time (: definitely something that i will remember for a long time in my life. frosh week is definitely memorable haha!! i was so glad i made my mind to register for the stuff. did you do orientation week yet?

      7. Haha well I’m glad you’re having fun! I love reading all your posts! Especially the one about the gay bars and stuff! Haha that sounded awesome xD I actually don’t go to university yet, I’m applying to enroll next year so at the moment I’m rushing around {not really} and trying to get all my documents before the deadlines close. I passed all my levels but they decided I wasn’t special enough to get a certificate -_- Fricking schools. I’m sure my O week will be amazing when it happens though! :]

      8. oh why?! what do you mean by they thought that you’re not special enough ? (._.) haha! the gay bars are awesome though… and yes, you will have an amazing time on O week 😉

      9. I don’t know! All my friends have their certificates and I don’t have any at all >.< It's like a never sat exams or anything! All my results will be on the system but I just don't have any physical 'proof' that I did pass! My friends and I are actually planning on going to a gay bar one day, just to see what it's like! Haha should be interesting xD I have gone out on O week to a couple of clubs with my friends and it was amazing fun! I've just never participated in it as a student but still, not that much difference really! :]

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