day 30: take a picture of nature ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

i’m not going to bother elaborating (again) on the fact that i hate how general these challenge prompts are… “take a picture of nature” … but plants are a part of nature, right? so here you go! a picture of a cute little red chilli.

here in Indonesia, we call this cabai rawit, but i did a science paper once about plants and the likes and found out that this is actually called bird’s eye chilli. why? don’t ask me. i don’t know why on earth it would be called bird’s eye chilli nor why it should be called that, because if i have lived my life right, i don’t recall having seen a bird’s eye with that chilli shape.

i took a picture of this because it caught my eye the instant i scanned through my uncle’s garden. and so i snapped it, and it looked perfect ~ no other reason.

and alas! the challenge is done. i may have been limping all through the way, but at least i finished it, right? 😀

much love xx

p.s. i think this post is the perfect ending to the challenge. it’s post number 727 of this blog, such a pretty number. anyone having soft spots for pretty number superstitions? i can’t say i do, but still… 727 is a pretty number 😉


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