day 29: take a picture of the inside of your refrigerator ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

let me tell you this. mom would kill me if she knows i took a picture of the insides of our refrigerator, because this fridge /pats trusteed fridge … has been here for ages. it has been here since i moved in, so… 11 years? yes, the fridge is freakin’ 11 years old. and it isn’t at its best shape…. it’s usually neat all around because mom’s a neat freak (can i make that even more obvious?) but lately she’s been busy dealing with *coughs* me *coughs*…. well, not me specifically. she’s busy with my suitcase because i told her i’m a last minute packer and i guess she just doesn’t get it when i told her that. she insisted and even went through my stuff on her own, …

mothers. she and her own antiques~ i hope you know that regardless of the fact that i think you’re getting even naggy-er, i love you still. always always love you.

so be nice with the whole messy refrigerator thing, yea?

anyways~ got off track, again, but here is the inside of our fridge. this was a week ago… now the fridge is considerably empty considering that A) my sisters and i are food monsters and B) we’ll all be going away… me and my parents to the country where i’ll go to college in (hah! the secrecy :p) and my sisters will be staying at gram’s while mom and dad’s away with me so… we ate most of the stuff inside.

aaannndd… huzzah! ~ this post is done.


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