day 26: take a picture of your favorite color (s) ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

see, this is why i was limping with this challenge. i took the pictures everyday… i did! but i didn’t write the posts everyday, and that’s what’s wrong. PLUS, i seem to make my own rules with this challenge. the challenge told me to take a picture of my favorite color (note that it’s singular) but then i’m determined to feature more than one color. i cannot just take a picture of one. initially i thought of featuring all colors just because they’re all unique in their own way and i love them all the same, but realized that i might have pushed the boundaries too far by doing that, so i came up with a selection of colors.

i was in the middle of packing my nail polishes when it suddenly hit me that i should just take a picture of them for this particular challenge post. just because you wouldn’t buy a hideous nail polish color— like a truly disgusting green that you wouldn’t even dream of putting on your nails, so nail polishes fit the purpose of this post just fine. as you can see, these are the colors that i have picked. gold, red, very light pink, very dark purple, blue and orange. tangerine ? orange ? whichever.

oh, and just to make everything clear: this is not an advertisement, so to say. these are all my own, and i’m not endorsing anything, nor do i make any money from making this post. (i’m not even saying anything remotely interesting about these products anyway) i was just featuring its colors so i hope this clears things up.


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