DIRGAHAYU & a major park-sist worshipping post

i feel like sleeping already, but i did promise my park-sist a.k.a. Cecillia Wangsadinata (it’ll be great if you can check her facebook immediately now that you know her full name. it’s basically the point of featuring it here on this post… she told me she want people visiting her site, so please do). i would’ve written earlier if not for my jeans… i was looking for it like for the past two hours, re-opening four massive suitcases and rearranging the contents back, only to find that said jeans is IN MY ROOM and that it’s actually lying around in the open. … i feel like dying. seriously, my eyes are no joke. i cannot trust them after 6 PM… they’re like chicken eyes.

but enough with rambles of just about my daily dose of stupidity… it’s now time to write about the more important stuff.

first off: happy independence day, dear Indonesia. i’m not going to go the distance of acting like an extreme nationalist (of which i’m not), but i do care about this country, and my prayers are simple. i hope that someday the people of this country will realize that this country is just a piece of land. rock and sand thrown together with some grass and mountainous decorations on the side. i hope they realize that it’s the people themselves who are actually responsible for the country, and for glorifying it’s name and whatnot. the image of a country rise and fall together with its people, and sometimes i just want to close my ears when i hear Indonesian people saying bad things about this country but essentially doing nothing about them.

you see? short and simple. too much wishes have been said, but too little have been made into actions. i don’t feel like wasting my thoughts on a NATO subject. (No Actions, Talk Only)

the next part however, can constitute as a post on its own, so bear that in mind. this would be about park-sist a.k.a. Cecillia Wangsadinata (again, note the full name). speaking of which, i didn’t know where she got this from but she continuously accused me of forgetting Indonesia’s independence day, which is today. it was probably a misunderstanding (excuse the pun honey, i couldn’t help it) of a conversation we had on bbm, but i didn’t forget. the funny thing is that when she told everyone (yes, everyone. she even made a video of it) that i forgot that today is independence day, i didn’t bother myself to correct her. why? idk… maybe just to let her have her fun, but cil, i DID NOT FORGET. i forgot that today was a public holiday, but i remember that today is independence day. it’s just me i guess… i couldn’t correlate ‘public holiday’ with ‘independence day’. it must be all of those MSG in Ibu Anke’s crisps that makes me stupid and forgetful. duh~

anyways, despite her false accusations of me forgetting independence day (and of the other many things that she falsely accused me of, not to mention of all the things that she framed me as), i will seriously miss her when i go. :’| i like who i become when i’m with her (lol, why does that sound so much like lyrics from a love song) and i think that that is very important in a friendship. besides, she is a good source of entertainment, i must be sick bored in Canada without her. she may (jokingly) bully me but i like it when i annoy her. trust me, it is sooo fun and sooo entertaining, you have no idea…. plus she’s actually clumsier than me — this is a good thing because it means that i have a friend who not only acquire bruises as fast as i do, but is actually worse at it. whatever it is. i always say that i need to find someone like her in college, but i doubt i’ll find someone even remotely close to what she is. she is an amazing friend, and i will miss her so much, and i hope, despite the fact that we’ll be miles away from each other, we’ll be able to always stay in touch. (and of course go through with our plan of meeting in Korea with the rest of our friends 😉 )

so there you go cil, a second blog post dedicated to you. the #friendshipseries is technically still on hiatus but you already have two blogposts on your own… greedy park-sist -_-

oh, and mind you… she is currently in a video-making fest —- i might get a video response if i’m lucky haha!! 😀 she’ll definitely come up with some cracky response as to what i wrote here so i’m totally linking the video back if she does make one. but i’m tired now and my back is really aching (curse those jeans) so i’m going to hit the sheets for now. might go ice-skating tomorrow … so definitely looking forward to that.

i’ll see you when i see you.



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