day 24: take a picture of a guilty pleasure ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

okay, so this is why i never find a reason to cook.

because i have been living under the shadows of amazing cooks (and little chefs) all my life that i have enough delish foods to sustain me. seriously. even Raissa now can cook yummy.

lo and behold. what you’re now witnessing is a picture of a perfectly sliced chocolate ganache tart made by none other than my sister Anie. and oh my god does it taste… UH-MAY-ZING. seriously, if for whatever reasons my body stays the way it is and doesn’t bloat itself to oblivion, i can eat one whole tart for breakfast. it’s that good.

but from the taste you can already know that this pie is nowhere near healthy.

being the always-petite-regardless-of-what-i-eat girl (seriously, Anie cannot get fat even if she eats a whole cow, unlike me >.< ) she doesn’t mind eating fat. when we have roast chicken, she’d scrape the leftover oil and fat mixed with herbs from the pan and have that as gravy. whatever it is she’s doing, she stays lean, so there’s no wonder that her pies are never ‘low fat’. but then again, pies that are low fat are no pies at all.

the crust is perfectly crisp and the chocolate ganache is smooth and just to. die. for. like liquid dark chocolate melting in your mouth. how does that sound?

this is by far, the guiltiest, most sinful, guilty pleasure i’ve ever eaten.



10 thoughts on “day 24: take a picture of a guilty pleasure ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

  1. I’m glad that I can cook proper meals, like dinners and my sister can bake. It’s a good balance! :] I don’t attempt to bake and she doesn’t attempt to cook, we kind of just share everything around at the end of the day :] But that tart looks so amazingly good! Do you think it would be possible to freeze it down and then ship it to New Zealand?! Haha

    1. lol! it’s quite the opposite here…. i don’t cook, i eat 😀 but i will have to learn how to cook, maybe college would be a motivation ? …. but i don’t know. >.< lol! if only you could come here instead ^^ i'd share the tart with you.

      1. All you need to know is how to work a microwave and you can cook most foods! Haha that tart is definitely some motivation to get my booty over there! You never know, I might show up one day asking where my piece of tart is! Haha :]

      2. lol! by then i might not be here… lol~ i’ll be in Canada for college, so maybe you’ll visit me there? 😉 but i cannot make that tart, so you’ll definitely have to go and ask my sister if you want some. hahaha!

      3. lol!! you do that hun, and when you’re done with the tart, you come here and we can have something different for a change. like waffles with maple syrup 😀 there’ll be a lot of maple syrup in my place…

      4. Oh gosh, I shall bring my waffle maker with me! It makes cute little shapes like cat, dog and smiley faces, a Christmas tree and shells! It’s so magical and wonderful. My favorite thing in the whole kitchen! :3 I think I would like your place! Haha

      5. omg that’s amaazzing !! 😀 you should you should! definitely should be consider coming here dear! i live at the heart of downtown, so there’s plenty of things to do 😉 i would love it if you’ll come visit me. no joke.

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