day 23: take a picture of something old ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

this photograph is obviously something old.

can’t exactly remember when it was taken… it was probably when i was four, or possibly even three — but it was definitely the age when i was not scared of cameras yet. i mean not scared as in camera shy, as in scared scared, like how i am now with ghosts and the unseen. apparently i used to think that the blinding flash was just too much to take, and that explains the weird ugly duck expressions i make at a certain period of my life when i get photographed. strange.

anyway, i’m here to talk about the hair.

that hair is… phenomenal. i like to call it the bowl hair…. the one that has the edges tucked in around the neck and a straight, slightly round-ish fringe to complete it.

so here’s the deal, when i turn twenty one, and when i have (hopefully) lost most of my baby fat, i will cut my hair like that. back to the old days you guys~ back to the old days… i couldn’t cut it like that now because i’d just end up looking like hot cross buns, so that’s out of the question.

anyways~ 3 more years people… 3 more years. enough time for me to gather up the courage and pick up the shears.


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