in the light of everything that has been going on, my friends and i have separated our own ways to pursue our own college life. new friends are made, (sadly) some old friends are forgotten, but that’s life and we move on.

just to make everything clear before i even start: i’m not picking sides. a third neutral party may be a little overrated but i’m not taking sides. i’m just saying what i’m thinking and that is exactly what i’m going to do. plus, this post may not make any sense to any of you if you’re not one of the fab fourteen, so if you’re not comfortable with the ambiguity of this post, you can just ignore it, and read further upcoming new posts 😀 yeay! ~

anyways~ there was apparently a problem regarding a friend, and a friend of a friend who is also my friend (figure that out yourself) and of course i was one of the last to know about it as it is natural…. nothing suprising about that there. it is actually a really really simple problem~ you wouldn’t believe how simple it is, up to the point where you’d laugh rolling on the floor if i tell you (a bit of an exaggeration here). at first, i didn’t want to judge because i haven’t seen the video (yes, it involves a vlog), and then after i watch one video, i was convinced that she was the one who was wrong. but then again, i went home and watched the videos from the beginning to the end, one video response after the other, and i can’t help but feel that this is all a misunderstanding.

why she responded that way at first i don’t know, and i may never know, but what i’m sure of now is that if for whatever reasons i know why she reacted that way, i would never understand it. it is just too bizarre… my other friend is obviously kidding, and if she took it way too personally and made the jokes ten times worse than it may be her own fault. why take problems to a whole new monstrous level when you can just tone it down and laugh about it. this other friend that i’m talking of… i know extremely well. she jokes around… a lot. sometimes offensive, sometimes just plain stupid jokes that makes me love her even more *visually strangle-hug this girl* but people who are acquainted to her should know better. you should never take her jokes to heart. that is the number one, on the top of the list, survival tip.

however university is about getting a new life, starting from a clean slate if you will, and it really doesn’t matter if she cuts her hair (of course it doesn’t matter -_-” what am i saying.), or if she wants to brag about the boys who chase her around, or even the friends that treat her differently than what she was used to. i mean, we can leave out the ‘jealous’ part–that, i can’t find a reason as to why she just had to say that, but whatever it is, she deserves to go out with her friends and go shopping and have bubble drinks and whatnot. there’s no reason to talk her back just because she’s doing those stuff.

and to think about it, the reason why i’m blogging about this was because i actually just met up with my friends like a couple hours ago, and i didn’t get to say what i want to say. or what i have to say. don’t you just hate it when you were together with your friends, and you just can’t coin up the words that you need to say, but when you get home you’re like: “oh yeah, that is what i wanted to say.”

try and see it from an objective point. both of the video responses are to be honest quite ridiculous. it’s stupid to be feeling so angry or so sad from such a silly misunderstanding.

she was wrong for reacting too ‘out of character’ and for assuming things that my other friend may have not (or accidentally) implied, while my other friend is wrong for dissing her for doing things that is entirely in her right to do. and now i’m wrong for meddling in other people’s business when it’s not my own… haha!

people make mistakes everyday… who am i to judge. let’s just all stay cool — i don’t want fab fourteen to break apart 😥


2 thoughts on “misunderstandings

    1. lol! you can make it out from all the anonimosity and the ambiguity that i put in? then you really are something shell.. no problem my dear… everyone makes mistakes 😀 there’s nothing to fuss about.

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