day 22: take a picture of your jacket ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

hey guys~ i actually have a very important post to write, but figured that i might just write it after i do a challenge post. priorities… priorities.

anyway~ i was so excited to write this post, since i’m going somewhere up north for college, mom and i did this massive winter clothes shopping that covered from mittens, sweaters, hats, scarves, long johns, socks, tights, an ear muff and a collection of long sleeves. and it has been a long time since i did this kind of shopping. firstly because A) i never have reason to buy winter clothes up until now (i live in the tropics where everything is sunshine and rain) and B) i just… don’t. my parents are conservative people. they never buy clothes ‘just for fun’. i don’t know where i get these i-love-shopping genes.

so naturally, the last zipper and hood jacket that i had was in junior high… after that, i only had a cardigan and one school scruffy school sweater with a color that can barely pass as navy blue. and i love hoodies!! i love the fact that they’re comfy and you can sort of hide yourself away for a while if you put the hood on, so that’s nice. i can go on and on and on about the comfiness of hoodies and how i love mine, but i’ll spare you guys the ramble. one thing i have always known for a long time now is that significant things for me may be insignificant to a lot of people. and it’s that way most of the time so…

see you on my next challenge post buttercups :3

p.s. i love the wooden toggles on the front of the jacket. 😀

p.s.s. it’s navy blueee!!!


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