day 19: take a picture of something sweet ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

it looks like i’m waayyy~ over the top with failing in this challenge! lol~ it was only now that i realize i’m four posts late hahahaha!! anyways… let’s just get on with it. i’ll try to continue this challenge with my best effort. for the sake of my lovely readers who are so patient with me even though they know there’s no point in doing this challenge any further 😀

anyways~something sweet. there’s a lot of sweet things that revolves around me but i’m thinking of doing something different for this post. for this post, i’m going to say that i’m not really sure if all flowers have nectars in them…. being a science student and not knowing that… >.< oh well.

so i grow up eating this nectar. my grandma had this plant at her place and now my mom has one too. i find that if  you pick one flower, you’ll see a string sticking out of the tube-like stem. the string… maybe it’s called the pollen haha! -_-” i forgot. but let’s just assume that it’s the pollen for now. anyhow, if you tug the pollen with just the right amount of strength, a clear liquid will form on the tip of the stem and the liquid tastes so sweet especially if you lick it with the tip of your tongue.

it is very important to not pull the stem too hard or too lightly or else the nectar will not form on the tip of the stem. but when you are able to fish out the nectar, victory never felt sweeter.

i can spend the entire afternoon pulling out pollen and licking nectars from the stem of these flowers. it’s a childhood memory that i can never forget.



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