The Moon that Embraces the Sun

it’s almost three days isn’t it? that i last posted the challenge posts >:D so i guess i didn’t complete the challenge well … and i may have to feel sorry for it but i’m not :p it’s true that i like to do challenges, but don’t you know that not following the rules of the challenge can be fun?! (.____.) i mean, it basically nullifies the point of doing the challenge but i think it spices things up a bit just because it’s…. unconventional. let’s just put it that way. but no, i will not stop. the challenge posts have been too fun to write, it would be a shame to just abandon the challenge altogether. i will just have to write four challenge posts tomorrow 😀

anyway. i have been busy doing a lot of other things. like cooking for example, and playing the piano, and honing two linguistic skills. i have enough on my hand… and i’m still trying to find some time to go to the forum and write articles for the forum that i have been in a hiatus from so long. but to be honest, i was most occupied by a korean drama i just watched.

the title to the drama was The Moon that embraces the Sun . it was recommended to me bynone other than my Park-sister a.k.a. Cecillia who is now currently in the midst of university orientation. (i miss her 😥 ) anyhow, at the first bit the drama introduces the legend of the two suns and the two moons that hovered over Joseon (the time period / dynasty). the kingdom withered under the two suns and the two moons because the days became too hot and the nights, too cold. one day, a hero set out and shot one of the sun and one of the moon from the sky, until only a pair was left. the two suns represented the two kings. the two moons, the two queens. in the end, only the two fated sun and moon remained, and yes, they lived happily ever after. so i sense that you readers can guess that i really like this drama. not only is it a happy ending drama, it is also based on a legend and is set on olden day Korea. love love love this drama period.

nonetheless, i learned a great deal from this drama too. you know, my mom… she always complains that i watch too much dramas, or read too much books… sometimes she complains that i write too much. but this is the way i discover life. i’m still an eighteen year old, and who am i kidding? i’m not trying to brag or anything, but my parents are people who have more than enough, even if they don’t necessarily show it to me and my sisters. and of course i’m fortunate enough to have friends that cares about me, and be surrounded by the people i love. but those people in dramas and in movies and in books, they may not be as fortunate as i am. and by reading or watching their stories, i learn more about life in ways that i might never be able to experience (and i’m grateful for that). it may not be as effective as experiencing it firsthand, but no one wants to go through hardships just to learn a lesson the hard way~ i’m hoping that by using my precious time to entertain myself with dramas and books, i can still learn something from it, even if only a little.

i want to be a good person. not that i didn’t want to before, but now the desire to be one intensified and this is all because of the drama. because then i realized that rather than be a challenge completer, a cook, a linguist, a pianist … or even being a writer… i’d choose to be a good person time and time again. you don’t know how God works, or this universe, or nature. it’s often, mother nature– and in my religion, i always refer God as Father, and as children, we know deep in our hearts that good parents are those who can stand up for what’s right. who rightfully teach their children lessons if they walk astray. and this is what being a good person is all about. good things will always come to those who have a good heart. i don’t know how nature or this universe or God works, but they always have their own ways of giving more to the people who are willing to have less than others… giving less trouble to people who are ready to give more to other people. maybe, like some of us, they are tired of always seeing human, but no humanity.

i don’t believe in reincarnations, because the religion that i adopt doesn’t teach me that. but if it does exist, i want to be born as a good person. despite everything else, always, the first priority is to be a good person. someone who would not hold grudges against others. someone who can readily forgive and will not hesitate to give more.

on a lighter note, the guy actor is not bad at all! i like the fact that he has small eyes compared to the other guy actors i see on Kdramas… somehow makes him look less girly hahaha!~ watching this drama is definitely better than window shopping. plus i am head over heels for the drama’s soundtrack. the song itself is called ‘Back in Time’ and if you watch the drama, the lyrics actually does make sense. i love it from the moment i hear it…. it’s actually kind of mellow and sad, but it’s one of those songs that makes you want to fall in love. i’m now creating a playlist in dusty (my iPod) about songs that can make me fall in love. trump cards for a particularly gloomy day. i downloaded the piano score for it already… huzzah! ~ 😀 i will learn to play it and try to post a video … (if for whatever reasons i’m able to play that song very well on the piano.)

see you soon baby broccollis.


Back in Time – English translations. RECOMMENDED.


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