day 16: take a picture of something you see every morning ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

the thing i see every morning…. again, a very general subject.

something that i always see in the morning is the side view of my mom’s bed. if dad’s not here, i usually sleep on a small futon-like sleeping mattress in mom’s room, so i do get the best under-side view of mom’s bed. but since this subject is too general, i’m just going to discuss the first thing that i see every morning.

what i see the first every morning is my blanky. or blanket or comforter… but comforter sounds a little bit weird, especially when i’m the one who say it, so blanky it is. i guess everyone feels the same way towards their own blanky. they’re magical stuff. when you slip under them, you feel very very safe– i don’t know the psychologial reasoning behind it, but i’m sure that if a thief goes inside my house, he would not stop killing me (or robbing me first then killing me) just because i’m using blanky as a (useless) shield. but it does feel safe and warm and cozy, especially that it gets a little windy at night, and sleeping on a mattress on the floor practically emphasizes that… so i think it also eliminates the unexpected wind chill factor throughout the course of the night.

blanky is used even more so now since i just watched a horror movie a couple of days ago. and it’s still there… in my head -_-  at days when i feel very very very insecure physically and mentally, i can even duck under my blanky, and sort of cocoon myself with it.

so that’s the story of me and my blanky. we are the best of friends.

the end.


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