day 15: take a picture of something that makes you happy :D ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

i did say that it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy, didn’t i? and it’s true~ so i was honestly a little bit confused as to what i should feature for this post. amongst the things that can make me happy: a familiar song. chocolate. a book. nail polish. knit sweaters. sweat pants. Running Man. …. (._.) i couldn’t possibly feature all of them.

but then my grandma (from dad’s side) came today. she traveled from Jakarta to Bogor (which is pretty far, && the traffic can be hideous most of the time) to visit me before i go for college, and she brought with her…. my favorite soup.

that there is what my family calls the ‘Red Soup’. we don’t exactly have a clear name for it, but since it’s red…. it’s basically sausage and random vegetables thrown into a tomato paste soup. you can have anything in that soup. it’s like the Doraemon of all soups… you can have carrots, peas, onions, beans… anything that you want to put in it. and of course, loads and loads of meat. you’ll never know what you’d find in this soup and maybe that’s what makes it interesting. also, i haven’t had this since… let’s just say, a long long time ago. so i was pretty excited about the soup. and she also made me pudding which has this little chocolate cakes inside it–and it’s rum concentrated. lol! my favorite.

but what was probably most touching was the fact that she came. here. she never comes here.

oh well, she does come here, but once a year? twice a year? … i’m not sure. but she can’t really come here as much because she does live far away, and she needs to take care of my cousins on the other days~ and when she did come, she brought me my favorite food. so i’m a happy girl today… really really happy.

you know the saying “you win a man’s heart through his stomach” ?

you’ll definitely win mine.

p.s. the fruit tarts are just delicious. that’s why they’re there.



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