day 14: take a picture of something you’re reading ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

when you’re supposed to take a picture of something that you’re reading, you immediately know you’re going to take a picture of a book. i mean like… i couldn’t possibly read a fridge magnet now, can i?

i haven’t read a lot of books lately. i wasn’t in my streak… as if i was in the reading hiatus immediately after i finished John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars. i was determined to write, and tried to get as far away as possible from books because if i’m within a 5 meter radius with books, i’m more likely going to ditch my writings and start reading, and i will never stop before i’m done.

i have (literally) a stack of books that i have yet to read and are dying to read, but can’t. (._.) but if i was given a chance to pick the first book that i’ll read before the rest, it would be The Enchantress by Michael Scott. it’s actually the last installment to the ‘The Alchemyst’ series (the series in total has six books). i first came across the first book, The Alchemyst when i was in Singapore for the Grade 9 study tour. i bought the book in a secondhand bookstore for three freakin’ Singapore dollars, and they actually give a plastic cover for it. i bought that, and a big big book that contains a compilation of all of Jane Austen’s story. i finished the Jane Austen story compilation book, but didn’t read The Alchemyst until grade 11, when suddenly it boomed in popularity, and when suddenly all of my friends knew about that book and loved it when they didn’t know about it when i bought it 2 years ago in a little secondhand bookstore in Singapore. but i digress.

the whole series is … amazing. Michael Scott is like, the king of legends and myths. you’ll find Nicholas Flamel and Perenelle Flamel everywhere in this book as they are the main character (thus, the alchemyst), but you can easily find Niccolo Machiavelli here, and Gilgamesh, Prometheus, Tsagaglalal, Isis and Orisis, The Morigan, Macha, and the Badb, Aerop Enap, Mars, even Native American legend characters like the Black Hawk… you find everything in this book. it’s beautiful how he can somehow weave in the intricate pieces together and bring out such a grand masterpiece.

and i’m actually scheduling a writing pause to read this book because it’s not actually mine 😛 this book belongs to my friend Nadira who have so kindly lent this to me. (and i have borrowed this book for a long time mind you… almost two month) moreover, i didn’t actually borrowed it… i sorta broke into her house and took her books (our houses are close to each other) and told her afterwards… but that in itself is an entirely different story.

looking forward to reading this book! ^^ you guys should definitely start on reading the series if you haven’t already. it’s mind-boggling.



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