(lucky) day 13: take a picture of the inside of your bag / backpack ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

so today, my bag will be the main star of this photo challenge.

i was actually a little reluctant in doing this one because… it does feel a little personal doesn’t it? now people will know the content of my bag -_- which feels a little weird. but i must persevere. must. finish. the. challenge.

anywho, that’s the bag right there. big, gray and waterproof with floral patterns. just as how i like it. it’s actually a Christmas present from my very dear aunt, and it was given to me three years ago. i never stopped using it. the thing about big bags is that you can toss almost anything in it without having to arrange and rearrange your things. and i’m not the type of person who arranges stuff a lot, so… this bag fulfills its purpose. plus it has a floral pattern AND is waterproof. that is absolutely a bonus.

now, for the contents…. i almost always have a book in my bag, but now that i’m trying to write more than i read, i have a notebook instead to record all of the things that i think about or the sudden ideas that pops in unexpectedly. i also always have a pocket dictionary with me. a lot of people think it’s weird to always carry a dictionary around but i don’t feel so good without it so… :/ and then i have the usual: wallet, hair brush (despite the fact that i never brush my hair now. (._.) why is that in my bag. . . ), iPod, glasses + glasses case, wet tissues, hair clip, and band aids–this is necessary because i bump my toes a lot, and sometimes when i bump them bad they bleed and the funny thing is i don’t always realize it immediately.

and then that there in the middle is a red pencil case slash my personal doraemon pouch. i keep everything there. small changes, mint candies, my lip balm, a solid perfume, eye drops, stomachache meds, one packet of instant coffee, my keys, a pocket mirror, hair bands, aspirin, a pen and my Rosario. it’s all just stashed in there, but i always make sure i have them just in case.

so there you have it. the innards of my bag, revealed.


p.s. and coincidentally this is post number 696. what a number.


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