despite the fact that i didn’t get to complete my ‘The Things I Do Before I Turn 18’ list, i am so happy today. so happy.

being born at exactly this day eighteen years ago, it’s AMAZING. having a birthday on a Friday, THANK GOD. having a birthday on the opening day of the London 2012 Olympics, OH YEAH FANTASTIC BABYY!! 😀 but receiving all the prayers and birthday wishes from my friends and family made today otherworldly. thank you all so much for your kind and precious thoughts, you made my birthday ten folds better

rest assured, this birthday post would not be angst-ridden. i want to take a moment to appreciate all the things that i already have. i want to thank God and mother nature and the universe for giving me life, for giving me parents and sisters and uncles and aunts and grandaunts and granduncles and grandpas and grandmas who loves me, cares for me, and is alwasy ready with bandaids and burn ointments for the days when i am terribly clumsy i could die. i feel grateful for the friends that i’ve met, the friends that i will meet, the friends that i haven’t met before and the amazing thirteen that, despite knowing that i’ll be forever annoying with my unfunny jokes, will never get enough of me, and will miss me when i’m gone 😛 thank you for the people who quietly understands the gravity of what my dreams mean to me, and who continously encourage me to pursue them. i’m thankful for the new year… for the clean slate.

even though i don’t remember names as easily as i used to ten years ago, i can’t express how thankful i am for today.

God bless you all.

xxx :: extra x’s for the extra special day 😀


3 thoughts on “18

      1. That’s great! 😀 It’s a good feeling turning eighteen…or I know it was for me because I can do a tonne more stuff now! Like actually walk into a bar and know that I’m not going to get kicked out! Haha it’s a great feeling! 😀 I’ve moved up to the beach, Kuaotunu! My mum and her boyfriend are managers of a camping ground up here so I’m living with them until I go to university next year 😀

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