day 11: take a picture of your favorite school binder ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

i’m not really sure what a binder is actually… a lot of people refer ‘a binder’ to several different things that resembles a book with those thingamajigs that can be opened and closed. so today i’m just going to write about the binder that i actually do have.

it’s rather small… a notebook sized binder. and it is filled with my science notes. it’s not really my favorite binder so to speak, but it is the only binder i have, and being a science student, i cannot afford to lose this binder. ever. it contains all my notes on leptons and quarks and esters and carboxylic acids and electromagnetic spectrum. a disaster will ensue if i lose this binder.

but that being said, the binder actually grew on me. it is obviously the first thing that i reach for when i dug in my school bag, but it also contain some of my doodles and weird scribbles about ideas that came so abruptly on a particularly boring science class. it is the home to all of my notes and revisions and summary… and it is old, so it’s already cracked at the edges.

but this binder has served me well… and i’m eternally grateful for it. without this binder, i may never graduate high school.


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