day 10: take a picture of something from your childhood ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

say hello to the rattiest bear in the whole world: Wooby .

Anie calls him a bear-beaver because he is so old now that his tail is no longer round, but a flat piece of semi-oval thing that sticks out from his bum. this is by far the oldest thing that has ever come to my possession (and the most precious when it comes to my stuffed animals… believe me, i have a trunk full of stuff animals) as it is not only a bear from my childhood, but is the bear from mom’s childhood–she gave it to me when i was born and he is sort of hitched to my wagon up until now.

yes, he’s a he. but for whatever reasons, i always dress him up in girly clothes. i don’t know why, and i feel so sorry for him, but little baby girl clothes are all i have. since my sister and i are all girls (obviously), so the only clothes we can clothe him in are little baby girl clothes. and i don’t know exactly where i got his name from… Wooby is sort of a sick mismatch combination between Woody Woodpecker’s Woody and Scooby Doo’s Scooby = Wooby, but it is a hassle to say Woo-by just because the ‘woo’ sound combined with the ‘b’ consonant is a bad combination… so i usually call him ‘Ubi’ which sadly, in my home language, directly translates to ‘sweet potatoes’.

anyway~ that little knit shirt that he’s wearing was actually my real baby clothes… but it is still too big for him, so i fashioned him safety pins from my earrings and also clipped on my ribbon clip on his… uh~ ear.

but that’s for today. keep coming for more photo challenges daghlings… be seeing you soon.


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