day 9: take a picture of something you use daily ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

i almost forgot to do this post. almost~

but here it is now! so again, self explanatory title… i’m going to feature something that i use daily.

this is my ribbon clip and i have been wearing this everyday for the past 6 months, channeling my inner Hello Kitty. i’m not really that crazy with the color, although i have to admit that the pink-polkadot-white combination is rather cute–but this clip is important to me because it is actually a graduation present from none other than my youngest sister, Raissa. well, not really a graduation present as she gave it to me before i graduate… so you can say that it’s a pre-graduation present.

she only had like 10,000 IDR in her wallet. something close to US$ 1. and the ribbon was 8,000 IDR (?). it cost approximately that much. she is usually very careful with her money… she had this pink little daisy wallet that she keeps her money and little change in, and mind you, she’s only seven. she doesn’t have pocket money, and all the money that she had was just mom giving her money so that she has something to put in her wallet. so at the end of the day, she only had 20 cents on her, but she was really happy when she gave it to me, and i was very touched when i received it.

so now i wore it almost everyday because not only is it meaningful, it is also very useful. i purposely grew my bangs, but some bad hair days, this clip is a life saver. i’d totally wear this until the ribbon fall off the clip. 😀



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