day 8: take a picture of your sky ~ #30dayblogphotochallenge

i can’t exactly call it my sky now can i ? i mean, it’s everybody’s sky. but today, right after the early Sunday mass, i made it my sky for about a second and blackberry snapped it. so there you go, that’s my sky you’re looking at.

ignore the stubby fingers mind you… i don’t have picture perfect super lean fingers (sadly). everyone said that if you play the piano, you’ll have skinny fingers. let me get this straight. you DO NOT get skinny fingers from playing the piano. i’ve played for 12 years and no, my fingers stayed as they are. stubby. but i digress.

anyway, the reason why i made the peace sign was because the sky was so blue. there wasn’t even a speck of cloud this morning, and it would look kinda ridiculous to feature a blank blue square on a blog post. just so i make it realistic, and really prove that it is the sky that i took a picture of, i snapped it with my fingers making a peace sign ^^~

it really is a beautiful day today, i hope everyone had it in an equally amazing way. it’s always nice to stay grounded and be grateful for everything… even the sky, that looks so heartbreakingly blue today i want to cry :’) (oh, and that rhymes by the way)



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